The Best Real Money Baccarat Casinos in 2021

head characterBaccarat online is one of the most popular games around the world. Since its first introduction to the market, the title has become the first choice of many players. The game attracts customers with an opportunity for huge bets as well as with the potential pay out rates. As one of the most demanded table options, online baccarat is available in numerous variations and you want to find the best one for yourself. Be sure to check the following review and discover all about the favorite game.

Best Online Casinos with Baccarat in USA 2021

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    List of the Best Online Baccarat Sites in USA

    Baccarat Head

    Online baccarat for real money is accessible on many gambling sites in USA. Some of them belong to the leading providers in the industry, with a selection of games and enticing bonuses. Check the best baccarat sites for Canadians below:

    All these operators stand out with incredible gaming offers, regular bonuses, decent payout rates, and mobile optimization. It makes them more than recommended both for beginners and knowledgeable users.

    How to Play Baccarat Online

    Online baccarat USA is simple to play and become one of the professionals. Before placing an initial bet, make sure to follow these steps:

    • Choose one of the top-tier sites from the above list
    • Decide which bet you want to place (banker, player, or tie)
    • You will receive two cards for betting purposes
    • Reach as close as 9
    • If the total value of received cards is 5, you will get another one
    • If you have 8 or 9 in total, you are the winner

    It is also important that cards are selected from a shoe (there are six or more decks). For counting purposes, only the rightmost number is considered. Winnings hands will pay 1:1 and payouts on bankers come with a 5% commission.  On the other side, tie bets pay 8:1/9:1.

    About House Edge

    BaccaratWhen starting online baccarat real money, it is also important to learn about the house edge. The house edge indicates the advantage that the casino has over players. With this game, the house will have only a 1,36% edge over customers on a player wager. At the same time, the casino will have a 14% edge on tie bets. As you can see, house edge plays an important role for baccarat gamblers and increases your chance to win.

    Baccarat Odds

    If you play for real money at an online casino, it is important to know about odds or winning chances. For the purposes of baccarat, you can check the following odds:

    • Player bets pay 1/1
    • Odds on banker bets are 1/1
    • Live dealer version pays out 19/20
    • Tie bet pays out 9/1

    Baccarat Versions

    If you are looking to win real money at an online casino, you also need to know more about different gaming variations and their rules. Check some of them below:

    • Mini Baccarat – this is the fastest version of the game, with the dealer and callers who assist at the table
    • Punto Banco – one of the most common versions of the game, both at online and land-based casinos
    • Chemin De Ger – Known as the James Bond variation, with the variable role of the banker
    • Baccarat en Banque – Popular European version of the game, played with three card decks. In this case, everything that a banker does is the role of the player who takes the risk
    • Super Pan 9 – popular variation across US casinos, with a deck of 26 cards. It resembles a mini baccarat variation without including 7s, 8s, 9, or 10s.
    • Three Card Baccarat -one of the most popular versions in Macau casinos which follows the rules of the standard game

    We can also mention the live version of the game, recommended to players who prefer an action-packed experience. In this variation, you can interact with a live dealer and other customers and trigger exclusive cash prizes. The live stream is broadcast in real-time from worldwide studios.

    More About the Rules

    how to play baccaratIf you are ready to play baccarat online, make sure to learn the basic rules of the game and improve winning odds. The game is already enjoyed by gamblers thanks to the generous payout of 98% and profitability.  To understand the rules, you need to learn more about card values. The aim of each player is to reach as close to 9 as possible. Every player gets two cards and places a bet on the player or dealer.


    Card Values

    Speaking about card values, picture cards (such as kings and queens) are worth 0 points, Number cards have the face value and Aces are worth one point. Knowing the card value is very useful for players who need to calculate their hands and get the most out of the experience.

    Top Online Baccarat Strategies to Use

    Similar to other online casino games, playing online baccarat can be improved by applying various online baccarat strategies. If applied in the right manner, these strategies can help a player lose less and hopefully win more often. Check out some of the online baccarat strategies we’ve included to help you improve your chances of winning.


    This playing strategy revolves around increasing your wager. In essence, if users adjust the betting amount according to the 1-3-2-4 system, they should be able to make up for any potential losses. After all, no strategy can guarantee winnings. However, by stretching the budget, players will increase their chances of winning.


    Another simple online baccarat strategy tons of experienced players use. The goal is to stay consistent in betting on either the banker or player until you lose three times. Still, players should not continue playing and chase their losses but rather wait until their choice starts winning again. In addition, players should determine how much they wish to win before applying this strategy and doing smart budget planning.


    When speaking of the Paroli strategy, we are actually talking about one of the positive betting systems where players keep raising their bet every time they win. Moreover, the system sequence of bets looks like 1-2-4, and the point is to go back to number 1 after the third win.

    1324 Strategy

    1324 Strategy

    1324 Strategy
    Martingale Baccarat Strategy

    Martingale Strategy

    Martingale Strategy
    Paroli Baccarat System

    Paroli Strategy

    Paroli Strategy

    Baccarat Promos and Bonuses

    Baccarat online real money awards players with regular bonuses and promotions. From the beginning of the gameplay, you will come across registration bonuses or deposit bonuses. Check the most common types of promotions for online casino players:

    As soon as you complete the registration process online, you will be able to claim a welcome bonus. If the promo is not available on baccarat, you can utilize it on slot machines.

    Match bonuses are also available at top-rated casinos in USA. By claiming the match deal, players will receive a match on their first deposit at the site and have more opportunities for real winnings. For instance, you can receive anything from 100% on the first payment and have additional money for betting purposes.

    No deposit offer is one of the most sought promotions online. It is available to all customers and they don’t have to make any payment at a gambling site. Upon registration, customers will receive a certain amount (or instant play bonus) for playing purposes and enjoy the experience. Keep in mind that no deposit deal comes with wagering requirements which could be 35x or higher.

    Reload bonus offers are also available at online gambling sites. They are intended for users who have already made an initial deposit. If you get bonus money on the second, third, or any subsequent payment, you will meet yourself with reload offer.

    Some providers will also supply gamblers with certain promotions on live dealer games. For more information about the specific promo, make sure to check the terms and conditions of the site and find everything about bonus codes or wager free deals.

    Free Vs Real Money Baccarat

    If you are looking to play baccarat online USA for free, you need to get more information about its benefits. More information is available in the table below:

    Free BaccaratReal Money Baccarat
    Learning the complicated versions for freePlaying with low stakes
    Opportunity to play in leisure timeYou don’t have to visit land-based casinos
    Possibility to sample a betting systemPlaying with low or high stakes
    Playing for hoursWinning real cash
    No need to join VIP clubReal money bonuses
    High quality softwareRNG applies

    Online Baccarat Glossary

    If you are a beginner at online casinos, make sure to check some of the frequently used baccarat terminology:

    BancoThe word deriving from the Spanish language and indicating the bank
    Banka word used for the hand which is dealt last
    Banker Betone of the possible three bets (banker, player of tie)
    BankrollThe amount you intend to spend on betting
    Callera representative from the casino which works with cards at the table
    Cartea French word when a player requests another card
    Commissionthis is a charge on banker bets as they occur most often. The banker bet will win in 45.86% of cases while the player bet will win in 44.62% of situations
    Coupanother French word that includes both a player hand and a banker’s hand
    Croupierthe representative from the casino who deals the cards
    DealerAnother representative from the house who oversees the game
    Dragon Bonusthis is a side bet which allows players to place a bet on the advantage of winning hand over the losing one (expressed in points)
    Face cardsThese are Jack, Queen, and King
    Flat cardif a player places the same bet regardless of the result (winning or losing hand)
    High Rolleranother name for a player who places huge bets
    Hole cardanother term for down card
    House edgea chance that casino has over players
    Le Grandeanother name for number 9, when winning naturally
    Le Petiteanother name for number 8, when winning naturally
    Loss betwager placed against the bank
    NaturalIf the received cards equal 8 or 9
    Muckexpression used for the mass of cards utilized at the beginning of shuffling and including eight decks of standard cards (416 in total)
    Passanother expression for win
    Player handThis is the hand played against the bank
    Puntoanother name for player
    Pusha bet which is not winning or losing. You need to bet the amount once again in the following round
    RNGrandom number generator or computer algorithm utilized to ensure the random result of the game
    Railroadan English word used for Chemin de Fer with the same rules
    Runit represents a side bet which enables players to wager on the number of hands
    Shoeit indicates a box that includes cards that should be dealt
    Standoffanother name for tie result
    Tie betthis is the term used when both player and dealer have the same result
    Upcardface up card
    VIPa player with very important status


    How popular is the title in USA?
    The game enjoys great popularity in USA. Online gamblers select both classic variations and modern types, and the number of interested users increases all the time.
    How can I earn money at baccarat?
    Earning real money with baccarat casino online is possible. Just learn the rules and place regular bets on favorite gaming variations. It is also advised to check one of the top-rated brands in USA and enhance winning chances even more.
    How do I know if I hold a good hand in baccarat?
    To check whether you hold a good hand, be sure to learn the card values. If you hold 8 or 9, you will be a winner. On the other side, if your hand is five or less, you will receive another card.
    Can I wager on other players’ hands instead of my own?
    Yes, you can. If you believe that the hands of other players will be winning, you are highly recommended to place the bet.
    Can I play online baccarat free of payment?
    Yes, there are many sites that allow gamblers to access free versions of popular games. Apart from table games, you will also find free slots, specialty options, and more.
    How can I begin with real money baccarat?
    Make sure to learn basic rules of the game, understand the card values, house edge, and winning odds and everything will be easier.
    Written by: Mike Veaudry
    Mike Veaudry holds bachelor degrees in Computer Science and MBA from Boston University. Casino review manager at
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