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Online betting has earned tremendous popularity in just a few years in USA. Nonetheless, some gamblers are still worried to try playing for real money. It’s because they have to disclose personal information along with the banking details. But with the introduction of the latest voucher-based payment method, Neosurf, safe and secure gambling can be enjoyed.

The Neosurf casinos are a great way to gamble who do not want to share their bank or card details online. It is an attractive payment method, allowing you to store funds through prepaid cards or vouchers. The basic idea behind this option is that USA players have to buy vouchers online to gamble.

This review of the newest deposit and withdrawal method, benefits, method, bonuses, advantages, disadvantages, and a few FAQs.

Top Online Neosurf Casinos in USA

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    Neosurf Casinos

    Benefits Of Neosurf Online Casino Payments

    Considering the present rate of increase in cybercrimes, many players hesitate to invest their hard-earned money in gambling. Also, when you add a credit card, a lot of risks are involved. It allows you to use as many funds as you want. If players do not win, they have to clear all the debts on their own.

    But with the best Neosurf casinos, you have a safer choice to gamble. Gaming can be started with a limited resource, the most important thing. It is a voucher that you get from local retailers, and the price range can vary from CA$10 to CA$200. While depositing the amount, you have to use the PIN.

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    Here if you have used the entire amount, you can no longer continue playing. To do that, you have to get a voucher again. It means you can stop betting when you do not have funds.

    Another crucial aspect is there is no need for any personal information to be added. Even though licensed sites are safe to gamble, you can be safer by opting for this method.

    What Is Neosurf?

    Developed by a French financial firm, Delta, Neosurf was a system that’s reliable, easy to use, and safe. The Neosurf casinos are popular across USA and various parts of the world. Since 2004, the payment has been in existence and hits its stride with increased demand for online payments.

    Around the world, more than 140000 places are there where the Neosurf voucher casinos are sold. After getting it, you must use the code present in the card to activate and start gambling.

    How To Purchase Neosurf Vouchers?

    If you do not know a particular retailer where you can get the voucher, you can visit online. Proceed to the official website of Neosurf and enter USA by clicking on the dropdown country menu. Provide the details of the postal code, and the google map will appear to pin the location. The details of the available nearby retailers with the address will get displayed.

    Purchase In Person

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    Proceed to the Kiosk displaying the logo and buy vouchers according to how many you need. Most can limit the purchase up to CA$1000 in total, while others let you go up to CA$3000 with the fees.

    Purchase Online

    neosurf onlineOnce you add USA to the location page, you have to look for the option and click on the “New: Click here to buy online”. Soon after that, you will be directed to the payment source company. It will have the associated fees and the amount the voucher contains. Click on the one you need and pick the payment method to make a transaction and get it. You will be asked to provide your email address where you will get the pin.

    Get A Neosurf Casino Card For Depositing

    Compared to all other options, it is the safest option as you have to enter the pin of the voucher. There is no involvement of any personal detail, and no documentation is required with funds up to CA$1000 for NeoCash MasterCard. People with a bad credit history can obtain the card.

    The prepaid cards of different values are available in USA Dollars. To get the ticket, you can visit kiosks, gas stations, convenience stores, newsstands, supermarkets, and other local businesses. The nearest location to buy a card is visiting its official website.

    Deposit Money To Online Casino That Accept Neosurf

    Look for a CA$10, minimum deposit casino Neosurf as it is perfect for newbies. Nonetheless, you can purchase coupons with more money. After getting the voucher, proceed to the banking option and click on the deposit method. Enter the code, and the funds will reflect in the balance.

    • Login in to the online casino account
    • Click on Deposit or Add Funds
    • Click on the Neosurf Logo
    • Enter the amount of your deposit
    • Type your 10-digit code
    • Submit, Confirm, or Continue

    Depositing Limits

    The voucher amount can range from CA$10 to CA$200, so the maximum amount is the limit. Also, check the deposit limit of the casino and take full advantage of the offers.

    Withdraw Money From A Casino Account Using Neosurf Cards

    withdrawAs the voucher can only be used for deposits, so you cannot use it for withdrawals. For cashing out, go ahead with NeoCash MasterCard.

    After you have transferred the money by using the code on the voucher, you cannot withdraw. But the prepaid cards can be loaded with NeoCash to withdraw money from the site. No documentation is required, so it is a safe, reliable, and secured method of withdrawal.

    NeoCash Casino MasterCard

    As the vouchers can only be used for depositing money to play the games, the questions are what to do with withdrawals. In this instance, you might be thinking to opt for another banking method. But there is no need as NeoCash MasterCard permits withdrawing. The functionality of the cars is similar to a classic debit card. Players online can be used as a withdrawal and deposit method at any sites.

    Withdrawal Limits

    The withdrawal limits are stated by Neosurf casino USA that players opt for. Some allow maximum withdrawal up to CA$4000 while others a lesser amount per week. The minimum amount can be CA$50, and it is better to check the gambling site to be sure of it.


    myneosurf It is a member area, and by signing up here, you can pay online over 20000 sites. The voucher can be used to send money to your loved ones, check transactions, top up NeoCash MasterCard, and control how you pay money.

    Neosurf Casinos Advantages

    • Ideal for players who want to control gambling habits
    • A safe payment method
    • No lengthy registration process
    • Uses 128-bit SSL technology
    • Widely accepted banking choice
    • Pretty long lists of casinos that accept Neosurf are there.

    Neosurf Disadvantages

    • Cannot use vouchers as withdrawals
    • Get vouchers from online official website or retailers
    • If you use the entire amount in the voucher, you cannot play more until you have the next one.

    Neosurf Casino Bonus Codes And Promo Offers

    Different bonuses and promotions are offered by online casino Neosurf that you should use while gambling. Also, when you register on a licensed site, you get various loyalty points that you can redeem for real money. Some examples of bonuses are:

    • JackpotCity is giving a welcome bonus of 100% up to CA$1600. It can be redeemed in four transactions and each of up to CA$400.
    • Play OJO offers a signup bonus of 80 free spins on the first deposit. There is no promo code to be used. After making the first deposit, the spins will get activated.
    • 888 Casino gives a 100% signup bonus of up to CA$1500, which needs to be used before expiring.


    After obtaining the voucher, you can start gambling at Neosurf online casinos. It means you do not have to wait to complete the registration process, enter details, etc. Enter the PIN provided in the voucher, following which you can play. It is one of the secure banking choices that you can consider working with. Hence, look for the best platform to explore online gambling.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the minimum deposit amount using Neosurf?
    The minimum deposit is CA$10, and it is the least amount a voucher contains. If you want to buy, you cannot get below this price.
    How much time does it take to make deposits with Neosurf?
    Within a few minutes, the amount will reflect your gambling account, so it is an instant process.
    How to get started with a Neosurf casino?
    To start with, you have to look for online casinos accepting Neosurf and complete the login process. Once it is done, you can start gambling by typing the code on the voucher.
    What are the commission fees?
    Most times, you do not have to pay any transaction fee. At times, a small amount can be applied, so you must read the rules specified before purchasing it.
    Written by: Mike Veaudry
    Mike Veaudry holds bachelor degrees in Computer Science and MBA from Boston University. Casino review manager at
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