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head characterBaccarat is known as one of the simplest and exciting table games in any casino. The game may be simple, but there is big money to be made. You can find multiple casinos that offer live baccarat online in USA. Continue reading this review to find out more important information to get you started.

Best Live Baccarat Casinos in USA

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    Best Live Baccarat Online Casino

    Live Baccarat

    Live baccarat with a dealer is far more exciting than playing against a computerized deck. This is because you get the feeling of being at the casino without the need to leave your home. Before starting, it’s important to find yourself a good gambling site that meets your standards. We’ve found a few options that provide players with an instant play bonus and free slots.

    • Betway Casino: excellent bonus offers like 200% match with 25 free spins
    • Wild Casino: great selection of slot machines and first and second-time deposit bonus codes.
    • Café Casino: 350% up to $2500, which means you get a lot more funds to play with. Also, the registration bonuses are amazing.
    • SuperSlots: epic welcome bonus of up to $6000, which you can use to play live baccarat.
    • BoVegas: has a variety of payment methods that include Bitcoin, CreditCards, and E-wallets. Get up to $5500 in bonuses that you can use on slots games.
    • Drake Casino: amazing 300% up to $6000 that you can use to win real money. The live dealer games are interactive and fun. The user interface is delightful to look at and immersive.
    • Jackpot City Casino: one of the best options available to play live baccarat online. The excellent mobile app is adapted to work well with live dealer games. Also, all the bonuses total up to around $1600. Therefore, giving you a great chance to win more money.

    Although these gambling platforms offer brilliant bonuses that you can use to play for real money, it does come with a few strings attached. Most likely, you’ll encounter wagering requirements, which means you’ll only be able to withdraw until you hit a particular milestone. Therefore, it’s better to check the terms and conditions to see if it’s wager free.

    How to Choose the Best Live Casino Baccarat

    bonusesThere are several key aspects in a casino that you should look at before signing up for them. Take a look at some pointers that should go into your final decision when selecting where to play:

    • Welcome bonuses and promotions: receiving a welcome bonus is a huge advantage because you get more to gamble. You can play more games and have better odds to win. Promotions are another big factor since it’s a great way to receive free spins and more money to place bets.
    • Jackpots: an excellent game type is a jackpot because you can win bigger pots. When a player loses the money they betted goes into the jackpot and makes it bigger. Once a player wins, they get the total amount. Therefore, players with small bankrolls can win crazy amounts of cash.
    • Security: security is extremely important because the last thing you want is your money to go missing due to an exploit or hack. SSL encryption is a must for any casino to keep your details safe. Also, extra measures should be taken like 2-factor authentication.
    • Licensing information: to gain trust, a casino must have a gambling license from a respected authority. The Malta Gaming Authority is one of the most popular licensers and is well trusted. Therefore, seeing a license from them can ensure that the games are fair.
    • Software: the software provider is extremely important because they supply the games. Top-tier game developers are a must for an established casino so that the content is immersive and fun.
    • Live games: implementing a live casino is a lengthy process, so not all gambling sites will have them. However, live games are a lot more fun because you can interact with other players and dealers.
    • Customer support: excellent customer support is very important as more often than not you’ll have a few questions or problems. 24/7 live chat makes the process smooth because you get help within minutes. On the other hand, if you require more assistance, then filling out a form is ideal.

    Variations of Live Casino Baccarat

    baccaratThere are many variations of baccarat, and all of them offer a unique playing experience. The main variations of live baccarat are:

    • Baccarat Squeeze: uses multiple camera angles and squeezing of cards for an immersive session.
    • Baccarat Control Squeeze: allows players to do the squeeze routine themselves.
    • Live Baccarat Evolution: a live game where players can feel like they are at a real casino.
    • Live Speed Baccarat: enables players to complete a round in 27 seconds while increasing their winnings chances.
    • Multi-Camera Baccarat: 17 or more cameras in perfect video quality.
    • Baccarat Dragon Bonus: this game mode features huge odds like 30:1, so you can win huge pots.
    • Baccarat Super 6: make six side bets to claim an incredible 12:1 odds.
    • Knockout Baccarat: the game has exclusive side bets with odds as high as 7:1. Also, the payout is instant, so you won’t need to wait.

    If you’re unsure what game variation you’ll like, try out all of them and eliminate those you find boring. With so many styles, you’ll find something that meets your prefrences.

    Dragon Jackpot Baccarat Live

    Dragon Jackpot Baccarat Live
    Grand Baccarat Live

    Grand Baccarat Live

    Grand Baccarat Live
    Prestige Baccarat Live

    Prestige Baccarat Live

    Prestige Baccarat Live

    Lounge 7 Seat Baccarat Live

    Lounge 7 Seat Baccarat Live

    What Are the Best Live Baccarat Strategies?

    Baccarat is a pretty straightforward and easy-to-learn game, as far as the rules are concerned at least. However, when it comes to a winning strategy you might have to get more creative. Although there are multiple approaches and strategies for online Baccarat, there are a few that stick out as the most viable. Here we will go over the 3 top strategies that can be implemented by both new and pro players.

    One-Sided Bets

    This one is pretty easy to execute. Since there are 3 sides in the game of Baccarat or 3 possible bets – Player, Banker, and Tie, you focus on a single one. So, regardless of winning or losing you bet always on the same option until you end up losing 3 times in a row. If that happens you need to wait for the shoe to switch and then you make a switch and repeat the same process.

    Trend Switch

    This one is a bit different and if you are playing online, you can have a counter that monitors the winning history. The idea is to notice the trends of more consecutive wins. If you are able to spot that one side wins more than the other, then you bet on that option. This time, however, whenever you lose two times in a row, you switch your bet to the other side.

    Breaking the Doubles

    If you play long enough you will notice that consecutive wins between banker and player happen in a sort of a zig-zag pattern. These consecutive win clusters also have a tendency to occur back-to-back. So the idea is to bet on the opposites each turn until you run into a winning streak. So, if one side is victorious two times in a row, you can make a double bet on the opposite side because chances are this streak is going to be broken.

    These were some of the most common strategies that you can use to maximize your winnings in Baccarat.

    Who Provides Live Baccarat USA Software?

    softwareWhen it comes to providing the software to play games, a casino will go to top-tier companies. It’s important that you check who provides the games because the best software providers will deliver a premium product. Companies like Playtech, Microgaming, and Netent are only a few you should watch out for. They provide the best games and sometimes offer their services exclusive to some casinos.

    Live Baccarat Mobile and Applications

    mobileThe well-established casinos will have a mobile application, which you can use to play on the go. The benefit of using an app is that you are not limited to your computer and can play while lying down or commuting to work. The games are optimized to work on a smaller screen, and the buttons are placed in accessible spots.

    However, everything will be a lot smaller, and it’s easier to miss-click on a button. So, especially when there is a time limit going down, you may get panicked and miss-click a big bet on a losing hand.

    Not all casinos will have smartphone applications, which means you won’t be able to play on the go. Moreover, you can use the casino with your smartphone browser app if it has HTML5, but the optimization may not be there.

    Live Baccarat Basic Rules

    rilesThe dealer deals out cards face up, two for each player and the banker. The cards that total closest to nine wins. If you’ve bet on a player’s hand closes to nine, the winnings are doubled what you’ve bet.

    Numbered cards 2-9 are worth their face value, and picture cards and 10 are worth zero points. Aces are worth 1 point.

    There are two actions that participants in the game can take – draw or stand. When a player chooses to draw, an additional card is dealt. However, when a player hits stand, they show that they are happy with their card value and won’t receive another card.

    The Odds of Winning on Live Baccarat

    oddsThe chances of you winning vary on each casino because factors such as the number of gamblers play a big role. Big tables mean less cards in the deck and smaller chances of hitting the needed card. The average chance of winning is estimated to be 44.62%, and the chance for a hand to tie is 9.53%. The banker has the best odds at 51%.

    Live Baccarat Betting Basics and Tips

    When betting, keep the amount consistent unless you are 100% sure you’re going to win. Don’t be afraid to bet on the banker because of the commission fee. You have better odds when betting against the bank.

    Betting is easy, and the game will indicate when you can place a bet. After the cards are drawn, you can bet on the cards you think of the best odds of winning. Also, when selecting to draw or stay with your cards.

    Live Baccarat or a Physical Casino?

    casino-minThere are big differences when choosing to play at or home or a casino. Playing live baccarat from your home can save you a trip from going to a physical casino. You still get the same experience since there will be a live dealer.

    However, the atmosphere inside a real casino can’t be replicated. So if you want to have the same vibes then going to a physical location is far better.

    TopicLand Based CasinoOnline CasinoLive Online Casino
    High LimitsYesYesYes
    Low LimitsNoYesNo


    Can you talk to live baccarat dealers?
    Yes, there will always be a chat box for you to message other players and the dealer.
    Can I play online baccarat for real money?
    Yes, after depositing money, you can play live baccarat for real money.
    How does it compare to standard baccarat?
    You get a more immersive experince because you can see a live person dealing the cards. It almost feels like you’re at a real casino.
    Do I need specific software/hardware to play live baccarat online?
    The only item you need is a computer or smart device to play the game. You can download an app if the casino has one to play, but it is not required.
    Written by: Mike Veaudry
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