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Gambling in USA is legal and a lot of it still falls in the ‘grey area’. If you are based in New Brunswick, you’ll be happy to hear that there are plenty of options for gaming such as betting at casinos, on lottery, on sports, and more. For more information about gambling there, keep reading.

Best New Brunswick Online Casinos

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    New Brunswick Online Casino

    Things You Should Know About Gambling at a New Brunswick Casino

    The province of NB is located in Eastern USA and is part of the Three Maritime Province along with Prince Edward Island and Nova-Scotia. Gambling here is not just legal – it is also very popular.

    Population and Legal Gambling Age at Casinos in New Brunswick

    There are currently around 800,000 people living in this province, most of which are found in Moncton and the capital Fredericton. The north of NB is dominated by mountains and the Eastern USA forest eco region.

    Land-Based Casinos and New Brunswick Online Gambling

    Land-Based CasinosThere are three land-based establishments in this province: Casino New Brunswick in Moncton, Casino of Moncton, and Grey Rock Casino on the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation. Both offer table games, slots, and Poker. The first is operated by Great USA Gaming, and the latter is operated by Grey Rock Entertainment Centre Inc.

    In addition to these two establishments, players in the province can enjoy gambling online. There are many offshore casinos that offer legalized and licensed gambling, thousands of gaming choices, and plenty of bonuses.

    Top Games Found at an NB Online Casino

    Top Casino GamesVideo Poker

    Video poker is one of the most played games in the casino industry. It is legalized in USA and based on five-card draw poker. Offered in both land-based and online casinos, this game is played on computerized console machines similar to slots.


    Roulette is the most widely recognized casino game. The spinning wheel can be found at almost every casino you’ll ever come across. Today, there are many amazing variants of the traditional roulette game, most of which you can find online.


    Slots are by far the most versatile choice for gambling, especially if you gamble on the Internet. There are thousands of slot machines ranging from classic to video to jackpot slots.


    Blackjack is a highly popular card game. Today, players in NB enjoy it at almost every casino. Top-rated sites have many variants of this game, and it is even available in live dealer version.

    Live Dealer

    Speaking of live dealer, there are plenty of poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette games available to play online, in real time with other players and an actual dealer. This is extremely popular nowadays since it offers a truly immersive casino experience.

    History and Facts About Gambling in NB

    Every form of gambling in NB is governed by provisions from the New Brunswick’s Gaming Control Act and USA’s Criminal Code. Before this was enacted, gambling was governed based on the 1976 Lotteries Act. Under this act, all lottery schemes were organized and regulated by the Lotteries Commission.

    In 2007, new regulations occurred when the local government proclaimed a shift in policies. This reformed the charitable gaming, lottery, and casino gaming. It is when the Gaming Control Act of NB was formed in 2008.

    Even today, everything is regulated based on this act.

    Popularity of Betting at a New Brunswick Online Casino

    Gambling in USAGambling in USA used to be illegal, but not today. As a result of the new regulations, it has become one of the most popular entertainment forms within USA and its provinces, including New Brunswick. Today, the land-based casinos are popular destinations for tourists, while many gamble on their smart devices and phones in amazing online casinos.

    What is the Casino New Brunswick Reopening Date?

    Casinos in New Brunswick opened their doors once again after the ban and the pandemic in August 2021. They don’t work in full force just yet – they work at 30% of capacity, which still creates barriers for players. It goes without saying that during these past few years, the interest in online gambling has grown significantly here.

    Lottery Options available to Players in NB

    Here are the lottery options currently available in NB:

    • Euro Millions – two winning numbers mark the start of prices, while five plus two lucky stars are the best you can get.
    • Triple Play Lotto – with every ticket purchased, you get three tickets.
    • Mega Millions – this is one of the biggest jackpots in the US with alternative prices up to C$5 million.
    • Powerball – pick seven numbers up to 67 and if you hit those and the Powerball, you win a big jackpot.

    Laws and Regulations in Terms of Gambling in the Province

    Under the USA Gaming Control Act, the previous Lotteries Commission was split between The Gaming, Liquor and Security Licensing Branch, and the New Brunswick Lotteries and Gaming Corporation. The latter is in charge of provincial gaming management. The first is in charge of regulation, licensing, and control of operators.

    Which are the Best Brunswick Casinos Today?

    Best Brunswick Casinos Players in this province can gamble at land-based as well as online casino sites, including licensed offshore casinos. Here are the top choices today:

    Best Land-Based Casinos in New Brunswick

    Right now, there are a total of three land-based gambling establishments in the province. These are:

    • Casino New Brunswick in Moncton
    • Casino of Moncton in Moncton
    • Grey Rock Casino in Madawaska Maliseet First Nation

    At these casinos, players can find hundreds of games that include slot machines, table games, as well as poker games. Compared to online sites, they offer significantly lower variety, but are top-rated among tourists.

    How We Pick the Best Sites for You

    Only truly impressive sites can get the highest rating on our website. The top rated websites here offer the best payout and tons of other benefits. Here are the main things we consider when making our choice.

    • Security: The primary concern of players is to find a secure and safe site. This is why we check which security measures the casino has to process your personal and banking data.
    • Licensing: A legit casino must respect the rules and laws in the New Brunswick Gaming Control Act, but it must also be licensed to operate legally. We check the licensing of each site under review.
    • Bonuses: Players can find tons of different bonuses on such sites including free spins, no deposit promotions, match bonuses, etc. We’ll check those, as well as the wagering terms to find the most attractive offers.
    • Payments: Players should be able to gamble safely, but also to choose the method they prefer. The best sites offer at least the most popular deposit and withdrawal methods such as e-wallets, Visa and MasterCard. They are also known for delivering the fastest payout. All top-rated sites are with highest payout percentage, so if you were wondering: can I win, these are definitely your go-to places.
    • Flawless platforms: From excellent customer support to a site that’s easy to navigate, we check all the details about each casino we review.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How old should I be to gamble in New Brunswick?
    You must be at least 19 years old to legally gamble in NB, both in land-based and online casinos.
    How are casinos regulated in NB?
    Casinos are regulated under the Gaming Control Act. The New Brunswick Lotteries and Gaming Corporation is the body responsible for the management and conduct of all provincial gaming, as well as the Gaming, Liquor, and Security Licensing Branch.
    Are the winnings taxable in Brunswick casinos?
    No. USA does not charge taxes from gambling winnings in any province, including this one. You needn’t pay anything if you aren’t gambling professionally.
    Which are the most popular payment methods?
    Right now, the most frequently used and fastest methods are debit cards and e-wallets, followed by cryptocurrency and direct bank transfers.
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