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The Northwest Territories is a federal territory of USA located between Nunavut and Yukon. As any other province or state, it has its own specific set of rules when it comes to online gambling. Is online gambling legal in USA? Yes. How do you have a fun and safe experience with it? We’re going to tell you. If you’re looking to visit a Northwest Territories online casino website, read on and find out everything there is to know about gambling in this area.

With almost 50 000 of population, the Northwest Territories are the second biggest land area in Northern USA. Although it’s the most populous out of the three USA territories, it is not a very crowded area. Its capital, Yellowknife, is the Territories’ biggest community with a population of about 20 000. Naturally, there are a lot of Northwest Territories online gambling enthusiasts among these people.

Best Northwest Territories Online Casinos

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    Northwest Territories Online Gambling

    Who Can Gamble in the Northwest Territories Casino?

    As in many other places around the world, the legal gambling age is 18. So, if you can vote, you might enjoy some online games too.

    What About Land-Based Casinos?

    Although there are no specific laws that prohibit land-based them, there aren’t any even in the capital. The reason for this seems to be a lack of demand for such facilities. Considering the low population of the area and a weak flow of tourists, this is not surprising at all. Thankfully, we live in an age where secure online casinos are available for everyone.

    What Can a Legal Online Casino Northwest Territories Offer?

    Video Poker

    Northwest Territories Gambling Video poker is one of the most popular games in the Northwest Territories online casinos. The reason behind its success is the simple fact that the game is extremely similar to the real thing. Not only is the game itself the same, but most websites also emerge you into the casino atmosphere with sound effects and music. It’s a perfect fit for any players who don’t know where to start. This timeless classic is also the easiest to learn.


    Roulette is a classic game of chance. Although the online version lacks the volumes of the real thing, the amount of fun and money you can have is not affected by that. The Internet offers a standard version to enjoy on your own and a live dealer roulette that puts your decision-making on a timer. Exciting, isn’t it? If you don’t want to learn any new game rules, go for the roulette. With a no deposit roulette, it will only take you one click to start spinning.


    Slots are one of the most fun games any gambling website can offer. There are so many themes, it’s impossible to not find something you like. The competition among slots is serious, so many casinos are offering free spins or other bonuses. Once you set your eyes on a slot machine, study the symbols and make your bet.


    Northwest Territories Gambling Online blackjack is a game with one clear goal of getting to 21. The rules of online blackjack are the same as those of the real-life version. You can play with a simulator as well as with other online players.

    Live Dealer

    Live dealers are a perfect choice for those missing the experience of sitting at the casino table. Your dealer is a real person, and so are your game opponents (if there are any). The dealer not only makes the games feel more real but much more exciting as well. 

    Origins of Online Gambling Northwest Territories

    USA gambling laws are a little complicated. As every other province, the Territories made up their own gambling rules back in 1970. Residents of the Territories only enjoy online casino Northwest Territories, as there aren’t any land-based facilities at all. Although the Northwest Territories gaming control act doesn’t prohibit them, there isn’t enough demand for them to appear. The only real-life activities available are bingo and lotteries and occasional charity-based casinos.

    How Popular is Gambling in the Territories?

    Residents of the Territories enjoy all the top rated online games as most other Canadians. There has been an increase in interest in online casino Northwest Territories caused by the pandemic. Apart from spinning the roulettes and dealing cards, they also seem to enjoy an occasional sports bet.

    When Will Casinos in Northwest Territories Reopen?

    Considering the fact that the majority of the population is already vaccinated, lotteries should be taking place in the nearest future. When will the first land-based gamlbling centers open in the Northwest Territories? Only time will show.

    What Kinds of Lotteries Are Available to Northwest Territories Players?

    All lotteries have to be licensed and can only be conducted by non-profit organizations. They typically include bingo, raffles, and Nevada pull-tickets.

    Who is Behind the Gambling Laws of the Northwest Territories?

    All gambling activity in the Northwest Territories is regulated by the NWT Lotteries and the Consumer Affairs department of the Municipal and Community Affairs. Online gambling is not persecuted no matter the country host of the website.

    What are the Best Northwest Territories Online Casinos Available Today?

    Leading Online CasinosBetway

    Betway is a platform that has been around for a while now, so they know how to treat their clients well. Apart from the fact that they offer over 500 different games, they provide welcome bonuses and convenient deposit and withdrawal methods. The variety of available payment methods ensures secure and fast payout.

    Jackpot City

    Jackpot City offers over 400 types of slots and other games supported by Microgaming. If you’re not ready to commit, you’ll be happy to know about the no deposit free spins. What stands out about Jackpot City is one of the fastest payout periods of 1-2 days.

    Spin Casino

    Spin Casino is a trustworthy online gambling provider with over 600 games in its inventory. Every new client is offered a generous welcome bonus of $1000. They accept multiple payment methods including visa and mastercard and offer 24/7 customer support.

    Ruby Fortune

    Ruby Fortune has been in the game almost as long as the laws that made online casino USA legal, which serves as proof of the security and the amount of fun you can potentially have there. Although, the best payout speed, you can start playing with as little as $10.

    Europa Casino

    Europa Casino is famous for the thrill and colors it brings into your online gambling experience. You don’t have to travel anywhere further than your desk to find yourself in Monte Carlo. They also offer a mobile version that supports all 400 games and slots available.

    What are Top Land-Based Casinos in Northwest Territories?

    At the moment, there aren’t any physical centers in the Territories. This might change in the future, but for now, the residents can only visit an online casino.

    How We Rate Northwest Territories Online Casinos


    Security of your personal details is the number one thing you should think about when picking a Northwest Territories casino online. When reviewing a casino, security protocols and licenses are what we check out before anything else. Every decent gambling enterprise should be licensed, regulated by a trusted authority, have a safety protocol enabled on their website, and offer secure payment methods.


    If a casino is not licensed, there is no way to know that it’s safe. Such a website can disappear from the Internet a few hours after you make a deposit. We always check for a license before making any conclusions about an online casino.


    BonusAs time goes by, the competition among Northwest Territories online casinos becomes more intense. As a result, each of them is trying to create the best offers that will make you play on their website. We make it our duty to find the best bonus offers and promo codes to boost your deposit amount and a potential win.


    Payment methods are one of the most important factors in choosing an online casino. Not only should transactions be safe, but they should also not take months to be processed. When compiling reviews, we make sure to pick the fastest payout and low deposits casinos.

    The turnaround time and transaction fees mostly depend on the payment system itself. Therefore, it’s important that a casino offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods. How do you pick the best one? It really is a matter of personal preference. Choose whatever payment system provider or bank you feel safe with and have access to.

    Do Flawless Platforms Exist?

    They do not. Some won’t offer high bonuses, some won’t have your payment system available. So, when you’re picking, just make sure that it’s safe and that you’ll have fun.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the gambling age for a Northwest Territories casino?
    The legal gambling age in the Territories is 18.
    How do the Northwest Territories regulate casinos?
    All gambling activity in the Northwest Territories is regulated by the NWT Lotteries and the Consumer Affairs department of the Municipal and Community Affairs.
    Do I need to pay taxes on my gambling winnings in the Northwest Territories?
    If you’re gambling professionally, your gains are taxed as business income.
    What are the recommended payment methods?
    The best payment method is the one you find trustworthy and convenient.
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