Why Should You Play Mini Roulette?

Mini roulette is a variant of roulette that is played with a smaller wheel. The smaller wheels are a unique concept for players used to American and European roulette. The smaller wheel features a smaller number of pockets unlike the 37 or 38 on the European and American wheels. As a matter of fact, this one has only 13 pockets.

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    Mini Roulette

    However, one great disadvantage of mini roulette is having a low chance of winning. Depending on the rules of the game, it has an incredible house advantage of 7.89%. This is precisely why some casino enthusiasts think this casino game is not worth playing. After all, every online casino player is hoping for good winning opportunities.

    How Mini Roulette Works

    roulleteThe mini wheel has 13 numbers as already mentioned, including 1-12 numbers, and also a zero. Zero is the one that in most cases makes the house win. In this case, the house edge would be 7.89%. Still, there are exceptions to this situation as you will be able to discover in the text below.

    In some other scenarios, you might not be against that high house edge. For example, the house edge will be much lower in a game of regular real money roulette. In essence, mini roulette is definitely not the game for the players who are looking to get some big profit. This is mainly due to the size of the wheel- as it automatically has fewer potential bets compared to European or American roulette.

    Still, playing this game can be fun. And there are even different mini-roulette bets types such as even-money bets, columns, rows, single numbers, corners, and splits.

    La Partage Rule May Apply

    rouletteMini roulette reduces the house advantage when a La Partage is played. When players opt for the even-money bet and the ball ends up on Zero, La Partage can be applied. So what can happen in this case? The player who placed an even-money bet will in this case win half of the wager back.

    In addition, La Partage rule heavily decreases the house advantage. What was once 7.89% will be divided in half when this rule is applied. Ultimately, the house edge will stay at 3.85%, and you will have a greater chance of winning. Compared to the standard 38 pockets roulette, this version of mini-roulette is considered slightly better.

    The Benefits of Mini Roulette

    Mini Roulette offers some remarkable advantages compared to other roulette variants. Take a look at some of them:

    The Advantage of Better Odds

    For example, American roulette has a house advantage of 5.26%, and the La Partage rule reduces the house advantage in Mini Roulette from 7.89% to 3.85%. There is a very small house advantage in this game, but it still gives you a better chance than American roulette.

    The American wheel has 38 pockets, holding numbers from 1 to 36, zero, and also double zero. As usual, landing on a zero means that the casino has the advantage – or at least this is the case for the majority of bets.

    Different Than Other Roulette Variants

    There are many similarities between European and American roulette and only one difference. The latter one has one more pocket than the European roulette. Some inexperienced players might even think that these two are identical. But when talking about mini-roulette, its uniqueness is quite apparent.

    Less Complicated for Beginners

    If you ever watched roulette being played, you might think that it is a simple game where you just need to pick a number and place your wagers. However, watching and playing are two completely separate things. Thus, many beginners tend to end up being confused when they first try the European and American wheels.

    This is why casino experts suggest trying a less complicated variant, such as mini-roulette at the beginning of your casino journey. First of all, it is easier to learn how to play, and secondly, it is less complicated due to fewer bet options and smaller wheels.

    The Disadvantages of Mini Roulette

    This game is far from perfect, and it has some drawbacks just like many other casino games. Inform yourself thoroughly before you start playing this game. Here are some disadvantages of playing mini roulette:

    Not the Best Odds

    As described above, if the La Partage rule is active, the smaller wheel offers better odds than American Roulette. With or without the La partage rule, the mini-wheels don’t have the same winning chances as European roulette. The house edge of European roulette is at 2.70%, mainly due to the fact that this variant has 37 pockets and one zero. When compared to the mini which has only 13 pockets and a zero, it is obvious that it has way better odds with or without the La Partage rule.

    Even Worse Odds without La Partage

    The la partage rule is widely used in European roulette, which makes the game available and playable to a wide range of players. On the other hand, mini roulette would probably be one of the least played and worst games in the casino industry if it wasn’t for the La Partage. After all, 7.89% house edge is a pretty high casino advantage and is close to the slots house edge – and everyone knows that the slots rarely allow you to win.

    Just a New Variant

    As most players find trying new titles amusing, and learning new rules challenging, joining the mini-roulette trend will probably seem exciting. But, in reality, this variant is no different from any other type of roulette. The small wheel might seem amusing, but after a round or two most users realize that the game is overhyped at times.

    Is It Worth Playing on the Mini Wheel?

    Roulette enthusiasts should definitely try playing this game – even if it obviously won’t be their favorite one. However, newbie players who are eager to play and win some money shouldn’t get their hopes up with this one. A game or a two can be fun, but don’t invest too much into it as the odds are not looking the best.

    One of the main reasons why this game is popular is the uniquely small wheel. It might seem more casual compared to other, more complicated roulette types. Still, the odds of winning won’t be that terrible if La Partage is available. The 3.85% house edge doesn’t seem that bad after all.

    If easy rules and less complicated play are what you are looking for. mini roulette might be the game for you. It has fewer wagers, making it easier to play. Will this game blow your mind? Probably not. But is it worth playing? Sure, but only for a short period of time.

    To Sum Up

    Even if the house edge in this game is pretty high, playing it under the right conditions can be quite fun and even profitable. Once again, if La Partage is in the picture, everything will make more sense. Moreover, this rule reduces the house edge from 7.89% to 3.85% and also pays you back 50% if the ball lands on zero.

    European roulette has a house edge of 2.70%, which makes it a better game to opt for, but mini roulette has its own perks as well. so, if a small wheel seems interesting to you and you want to try something other than regular roulette, this is the game for you.

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