Tips for Beginner Gamblers: How to Play Multi-Ball Roulette

Roulette is a classic casino game. The first roulette wheel dates back to 1720. As soon as the first gambling websites were launched, a computerized version of the game became popular.

But modern online casinos are powered by invention. At one point, their managers decided that adding a few more balls would boost the excitement. That’s how the Multi Ball Roulette craze started.

Let’s discuss the game in detail. We’ll cover the history, rules, and odds. Then, we’ll give you a few tips on how to develop a winning strategy on Multi-Ball Roulette.

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    Multi-Ball Roulette

    Multi-Ball Roulette History: How It All Started

    roulleteThis game draws its origins from the online casino industry. In brick-and-mortar casinos, gamblers tend to place bets on multiple roulette tables at the same time. This game mimics that behavior in the online environment. The only difference is that your number can come in only once.

    The development of Multi-Ball Roulette is still in its infancy. Different developers are testing the ground for innovations. Still, the game is already popular across online casinos. It offers faster action and more frequent chances to win when compared to classic online roulette. The game still hasn’t made its entrance into real casinos, so you only get a chance to play it online.

    The Rules: How Multi-Ball Roulette Works

    • rouletteThe table is identical to the one for European Roulette. The wheel contains 37 pockets (0-36).
    • Instead of a single ball, several of them spin in the opposite direction of the wheel. Three balls is the standard, but some online casinos will use more. The players place bets and wait for one of the balls to land in the right pocket.
    • The pockets can only hold a single ball, so the balls always settle in different ones.

    How to Place Multi-Ball Roulette Bets

    If you know how to place bets in the European version of the game, there’s nothing else to learn here. The only difference is that the payouts will be split by the number of balls on the table (three for the three-ball version).

    These are the usual bets placed in roulette:

    • Straight up (a single-number bet)
    • Split (a 2-number bet)
    • Line (a 3-number bet)
    • Corner (a 4-number bet)
    • Six-line (a 6-number bet)
    • Black or red
    • High or low
    • Odd or even
    • Columns
    • Dozens

    What Are the Odds in Multi-Ball Roulette?

    This game multiplies the odds of European Roulette by the number of balls present on the table. If there are 2 balls, you get 2 in 36 (instead of 1 in 36) chances to hit the right spot. However, the payout will be split in half, too (35/2 instead of 35).

    A pocket can hold a single ball, but it’s possible to get outside bets right 2 or 3 times out of 3. In that case, the bets will be split between the balls. Let’s explain it through an example: you bet $60 on red and two out of three balls end up on that color. It means that you’ll return two thirds of your stake ($40), but you’ll get $40 in winnings as well. This is a successful win that gets you $80 for a bet of $60.

    How to Develop a Multi-Ball Roulette Strategy

    Before developing a strategy, ask yourself this question: are you in for a single big win, or would you like several smaller wins that add up?

    If you’re after a big win, you should know that it’s hard to get it in this game. The odds are higher, which means that the payouts are smaller. In this case, it’s best to opt for an online version of classic roulette (French, European, or American).

    But if you like getting several smaller wins, this is the game for you. One recommended strategy is to choose a favorite number that’s a constant, and combine it with outside bets on odd or even (or a color). With this approach, you increase your chances to return your stakes and win some extra.

    FAQ on Multi-Ball Roulette

    What’s Multi-Ball Roulette?
    This is an online roulette game. It works in a similar way to European Roulette, with the only difference that there are several balls (usually three) instead of one. They all spin around the wheel in the same session, and they always settle in different pockets. With this game, the gambler gets higher chances to win. However, the winnings are split by the number of balls on the table.
    What makes Multi-Ball Roulette different from other variations?
    It’s played with more than one ball. The table is identical to the one used for European roulette. It’s easier to hit a winning bet, but the payout is smaller. If you’re after big wins, it’s best to choose one of the classic games. But if you don’t mind winning small and adding up, this is a perfect game for you.
    Is Multi-Ball Roulette a popular game?
    It’s a new game, so it hasn’t reached the popularity of classic roulette games. It’s only available in online casinos.
    Where can I find a Multi-Bet Roulette table?
    Your first step is to read reviews of online casinos. It’s not easy to find a reliable website with a versatile offer. We’ve tested dozens of casinos, and we recommend the best ones. In our reviews, you’ll find details about the games offered.
    What payout does this game have?
    If you want to calculate the odds of Multi-Ball Roulette, split the odds of European Roulette (35) by the number of balls on the table. If there are three balls, the payout is 35/3.
    Is there a system to help me win?
    Gamblers just love roulette systems, don’t they? You can apply different ones to this game. For example, the Martingale system is geared towards huge wins. Since the payout is reduced here, that system won’t work. A more general strategy would be a better option. We recommend placing outside bets, which give you big chances to win. You can combine them with a bet on your favorite number. With a few bets like that, you can make a small, but decent profit.
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