How Do You Find the Best Ontario Online Casino?


Ontario is the second biggest USA province that holds over 38% of the country’s population. Thanks to this, the entertainment industry of the region is striving and Ontario online casinos are not an exception. If you’re just at the stage of wondering, is online gambling legal in USA, our guide will help you start your online casinos journey.

Although Ontario is not the biggest province, it is the most densely populated one. Its population counts almost 13,5 million people. This is one of the key factors in the rapid development of the Ontario online gambling industry.

Top Online Ontario Casinos

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    Ontario Online Casino

    Who Can Play in an Ontario Casino?

    The legal gambling age in Ontario is 19. Once you’re over 19, you can engage in both online and offline gambling activities.

    Are There Any Land-Based Ontario Casinos?

    Land-based casinos are widely popular in the province. At the moment, there are about 90 casinos located in Ontario.

    TOP 5 Picks of Ontario Casinos’ Clients

    Video Poker

    Video Poker is among top rated games according to millions. If you’re a fan of regular poker, this is something you’ll definitely enjoy. The online version is pretty much a digital replica of the real thing. Everything from the game rules to its interface is crafted to emerge you in the real-life casino experience. What’s not to like?


    Roulette is one of the oldest gambles. If you’re not sure what you want to play, you can always go for the roulette. It can be found on most websites and its rules are universally simple everywhere. Although your laptop screen cannot fit the volumes of the real thing, online roulette certainly brings the same thrill to your evening.


    Ontario Online Casino SlotsSlots are the most colourful and exciting game you can find in an Ontario online casino. Countless themes make the slots a never-ending blast. One advantage they have over most of other games is the bonuses that often come in a form of free spins. Can I win without making a deposit, you might ask. Yes, you can. But you cannot lose.


    Nowadays, Blackjack is a favourite among many players across the world. It’s hard to believe that about a 100 years ago, dealers had to offer extra bonuses just to get someone interested in the game. Thankfully, regardless of its popularity many casinos still do.

    Live Dealer

    For the moment, live dealer is the closest you can get to a real-life experience in an online casino Ontario. The game is held by an actual dealer that accompanies you throughout the game. Not only it’s more convenient to communicate with an alive human being, it’s more thrilling as well.

    What is the Relationship Between Ontario and Gambling?

    Ontario Gambling Since gambling became legal in USA in 1970, the industry started developing in the province. For a long time there were only two Ontario facilities – one in Niagara Falls and one in Windsor.

    In 1992 an Ontario gaming control act was passed, which dramatically changed the gambling industry’s further development. Eventually, the gaming act was replaced with the Alcohol and Gaming Regulation and Public Protection Act of Ontario.

    Regardless of the small changes in supervision and regulations, gambling has been legal in Ontario for over 40 years, and things won’t be changing any time soon.

    How Big of a Deal is Gambling in Ontario?

    Due to the fact that gambling is accessible for Canadians in various forms, it’s rather popular among the population. Over half of the country’s population indulge in various games from time to time.

    Ontario, being the most populated province, is the home to a large portion of gambling fans. The demand for this form of entertainment has been on the rise since the start of the pandemic. There has been an increase in the amount of visitors of legal online casino Ontario over the past two years.

    When Will the Life of Regular Players Return Back to Normal?

    As the majority of the population got vaccinated, restaurants, malls and various facilities started opening their doors. With no exact casino Ontario reopening date, casinos started opening up in the middle of July of 2021. About 15 gambling venues are already open and more will be welcoming players later in the year.

    What Lotteries are Available in Ontario?

    Lotteries are widely popular and accessible in Ontario. There are numerous charity-based lotteries that heat up the interest to the activity. You can donate to an animal shelter and get a chance to win a jackpot. Lotto Max is known to hold lotteries with highest payout percentage.

    Who Regulates Ontario Casinos?

    Ontario Gambling Gambling has been legal in Ontario since 1970. In 1996, the Alcohol and Gaming Regulation and Public Protection Act of Ontario were passed and made the Alcohol and Gaming Commission responsible for the gambling industry. They take care of license issuance, maintenance, evaluations and audits of casinos, etc.

    Meanwhile, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation supervises lotteries, races, and indigenous casinos across the province. To put it simply, AGCO control the legislation and inspection sectors, while OLG take care of operational nuances.

    TOP 5 Online Ontario Casinos

    Leading Online CasinosBetsafe

    Betsafe is an Ontario casino online that has been active since 2006. Their hard-earned experience is reflected in the quality of the software the games operate on, the customer support they offer, and various secure payment systems. They also offer different promotions each day of the week. If you’re lucky you might get the best payout deal today.


    PlayOJO is a relatively new name in the industry, as it was only launched in 2017. They are know for their free spins on numerous slots and no deposit bonuses the website offers. Other advantages include fast payout with an average of 24 hours and no minimum withdrawal amount.

    Jackpot Casino

    Jackpot Casino has also been around long enough to earn a stable reputation. Their website offers over 600 games supported by Microgaming. Along other perks, they offer secure deposit and withdrawal methods that include visa and mastercard. This casino is perfect for those among fans of online gambling Ontario that prefer slots.

    Spin Casino

    Spin Casino are known for their generous welcome bonuses and promotions. Although they do not have the fastest payout, they offer safe payment systems among available withdrawal methods. The website offers a wide variety of table games and live dealer games.


    GGBet is a relatively new name in the world of online gambling. So, even those that know that since online casino USA legal, it’s hard to stumble upon scams on the USA web, have trust issues. GGBet is a regulated casino that operates on a secure website. Their generious $1000 welcome bonuses and free spins are worth checking out.

    Best Land-based Ontario Casinos

    Land Based CasinosUnsurprisingly, the best land-based casinos in the province are the two that’s been around for the longest. Niagara Falls Fallsview Casino Resort work 24/7 and offer all sorts of entertainment within its walls.

    Windsor-based Caesar Hotel and Casino seems to have less potential to become the perfect vacation spot, but still offers an extraordinary luxurious experience.

    How Do We Decide Who’s the Best?


    When it comes to any online activities, security should always be your number one priority. If a website cannot ensure the safety of data, no matter how fun the games are they are not worth it.


    A license is a guarantee that you are dealing with a legitimate entreprise. Never risk doing business with an unlicensed provider. If a website is owned by an unlicensed game provider, you are risking your earnings and personal details.


    The competition among online casinos stimulates the flow of bonuses and offers. We monitor all websites to find the best deals for you.



    Every casino on our list offers safe and common payment systems for deposit and withdrawal. Whenever you are choosing a casino, make sure to read all the withdrawal rules and guidelines to make sure they suit you.

    The choice of a payment system is very personal. When deciding how to withdraw your funds, go for the bank or system you are familiar with.

    There is no perfect casino, but there are many good ones. Our list offers trustworthy casinos, so you only need to decide what layout and game selection you like the best. Choose wisely and have fun!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the gambling age there?
    Gambling age in Ontario is 19.
    How does Ontario regulate casinos?
    The Alcohol and Gaming Commission and Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation regulate gambling activities in Ontario. All gambling activities are legal in the province.
    Do I need to pay taxes on my gambling winnings in Ontario?
    Gambling within the province is tax-free. Only professional players have to pay taxes for their earnings.
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